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2018-9-11 11:10

The advent of the Hero Alliance has changed the overall market structure of MOBA games, rapidly growing into one of the world’s most popular games, with a global audience of hundreds of millions of players. The anniversary celebration of the Hero Alliance has also become one of the indispensable activities for the players of the Hero Alliance in China. At the beginning of the anniversary celebration in 2012, the Eclipse Media was invited to serve as the Royal Visual Team of the Hero Alliance in China, feeling the growth of the Hero Alliance and contributing to the Hero Alliance. Every year, the anniversary celebrations of the Alliance of Heroes focus on the world. Eclipse media play an indispensable role in every year’s celebrations. Eclipse media and the Alliance of Heroes develop and grow together in four years.

This year’s Fourth Anniversary celebration of the League of Heroes, after more than a month of preparation, the team of more than 20 people for two consecutive weeks of sleepless, eclipse media in the 4th anniversary of the League of Heroes finally came to an end. In accordance with past practice, the lunar eclipse media still took an important part in this year’s celebration. This year, the eclipse media is mainly responsible for video, special effects, post match interviews and real-time reports on the stage. In order to present the best stage visual effect and disseminate the first-hand fresh information, the lunar eclipse staff has made unimaginable efforts, day and night, always on call, to do our best is the normal work.

Ten years of electric race, four years of heroes to bring countless people moved, it is condensed behind the eclipse biscuit (pancakes and onions) and staff countless efforts, biscuit and China’s top cos team Sirius culture for 48 hours to build. I believe the countdown to the start of the big screen has left a deep impression on many people. The perfect visual effect comes from the 20-day elaborate design of Star, creative director of the Beijing Branch of the Eclipse, and his team, and the results of numerous deliberations, modifications, calculations and tests by special effects producers; those first-time releases Professional player interviews are the first editing and broadcasting by our feverish cameramen and directors to give players first-hand information. Being the most professional media company and doing the best visual service is the driving force for all the work of eclipse media. The 4th anniversary celebration of the League of Heroes has come to a successful conclusion, but the 4th anniversary is still going on. The big documentaries of this event will be produced by the eclipse media. The preparation of the event, the drips of the venue, the preparations for the backstage, the happy, moving and crazy moments will be our common memories, the images of the documentaries, and will be permanent. Record.

Eclipse media, we are making progress every day! We never stopped exploring.