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EM Electronic Sports Ltd established the Eclipse Video Production Team in 2005, and formally registered as Eclipse Media Company in early 2007. It has become a professional packaging company for the game related industries. The company aims to create original IP game programming, advertising and content video production. It also serves the off-line game execution and program production promotion, owns a number of professional animation CG visual packaging personnel, has a number of large-scale studios and executive live broadcast services.

The company's core strength consists of a group of young, creative media, and has a senior content creation team and professional production team to help fill the market content, creative and advertising game production and other fields. Within ten years, the company has been continuously learning and upgrading, providing professional services for customers to achieve satisfactory planning ideas and implementation standards. Eclipse culture media has been "we are making progress every day" as the principle, open-minded consultation, joint study and discussion, in this field has been the majority of users and cooperative media praise.

Ten years of growth, progress every day
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address:Room 101, building J, 68 Guanghua Road, Minhang District, Shanghai.

mailbox :caifeifeng_ng_sh@egms.com.cn

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mailbox :hangsis_sh@egms.com.cn

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